Stress Less, Live More: Learn Tapping

Living fully is to be present and to be self-aware. In fact, research shows that a leading predictor of success in corporate managers is self-awareness. Surprisingly, self-awareness is quite a feat since a large proportion of our behavior is driven by our subconscious. Stress, procrastination, and perfectionism are driven by our subconscious programming built from a sum accumulation of all of our past experiences.

In this workshop you will learn a self-discovery and self-regulation technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT (also called Tapping), that will help you identify the unknown influences that are driving your unwanted behaviors, doubts and health! Tapping is a powerful mind-body approach which is evidenced based, drawing from the fields of interpersonal neurobiology, neuroplasticity models and the field of epigenetics.

This quick and easy neuroscience tool is like emotional acupuncture. You gently tap with your own fingertips on specific meridian points to access the sneaky blocks trapped in your subconscious. You then use meridian Tapping to further remove these unwanted programs.

Whether you are curious about EFT for self-help or you are a helping professional, everyone walks away having learned Simple EFT for ones’ own self-application or that of another.

BONUS: The beauty of Tapping is that it is self-regulating so that you will be able to implement an ongoing stress-relief tool literally at your fingertips. Get ready for relief!

*This training is highly experiential. Participants will apply Simple EFT to their own circumstances in order to learn how to apply it to clients. Please be prepared to engage at this level for a maximum learning experience and maximum personal benefits.

-Learning Objectives-
Upon completion, you will be able to:

*Recognize how stress impacts their behaviors, cognitive reasoning, clarity and goals;
*Employ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to various stressors, emotions and negative experiences of their lives to lower the subsequent stress response;
*Explain how unconscious emotional triggers influence how we relate to others;
*Practice Tapping for stress and neurological reprogramming on oneself and one other person; and
*Employ a Gestalt Embodied Presence to ground EFT practice.

Tuition: $129.00
Early Bird: $112.00 (before 11/29/2019) – use promo code: eft

Continuing Education (CE): 5.5 contact hours (counselors, social workers, psychologists)


Jan 05 2020


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Tuition: $129.00. Early Bird: $112 before 11/29/2019 (use promo code eft)

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Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
1 Berea Commons Suite 216, Berea, OH 44017
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