Stress Relief ~ Learn Tapping

Stress and burnout impacts job professionalism, performance, and turnover.  In this practical and action-oriented program, you will learn evidenced-based Meridian Tapping for stress relief and brain reprogramming.

Do you pride yourself on being a good employee?  Are you stressed? Have you heard of Meridian Tapping?  

You’re probably wondering what these things have to do with each other.  Researchers have discovered that how you show up at work, at home or in life has a lot to do with your unconscious stressors. These stressors not only cause physical ailments, but they also hinder your performance at work.  In this session, you will learn Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) which will uncover unconscious stressors that create personal biases and societal stereotypes that may adversely impact engagement with staff, children and families.  Once stressors are identified, you will further use Tapping to lower your stress and rewire your brain and body to not be retriggered by these issues.

BONUS:  The beauty of learning Tapping is that you will be able to implement an ongoing stress-relief tool literally at your fingertips and anytime you need it.



Apr 12 2019


12:45 pm - 2:00 pm




Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children Conference
Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, 187 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503