Tapping for Self Care, Follow-Up Practice Session

This session is part of the OAESA Professional Conference 2020: Celebrate, You’re Unstoppable! (Information on how to register below.) This session is a follow up to “Even Superheroes Need Self Care: Introduction to Tapping,” which is a prerequisite and begins at 12:45PM EST the same day.

Participants will have the chance to practice their new skill: an effective self-care and stress relief technique that is easy to learn and can be accessed at any time! This highly experimental workshop offers Tapping skill development to build competence and confidence for use.

Link to register: https://oaesa.org/events/tag/professional-conference-2020


Jun 16 2020


1:40 pm - 2:25 pm


Hilton Columbus at Easton
3900 Chagrin Dr, Columbus, Ohio 43219