Talk Therapy is not enough to heal trauma. You need numerous tools in the toolbox: EFT can help. In his renowned book “The Body Keeps the Score” detailing his research findings,  Bessel Van Der Kolk M.D. discusses how traumatic events shape people’s lives. Our brains react to ‘triggers’ that resemble past trauma, sending us into natural ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ instincts that cause stress, anxiety, and pop up so often that it is difficult to […]

The Tap Into Potential (TIP) program I designed can help you not just cope with the stress, but to overcome it!

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Are you excited knowing your life is on its ultimate trajectory? Do you just love your career and life? Are you a procrastinator or a perfectionist? What could possibly be holding you back from the CHANGE you desire? Wouldn’t you rather be doing the happy dance and creating a life by design instead of being frustrated with a life by default?